Want to make money and sell your work but not sure how?

Perhaps you’re an artist and you want to sell your work, printed (and even framed) in high quality, maybe you’re a photographer with incredible snaps that would beautifully liven up a room. You might even be a writer or publisher with magazines or books waiting to be eagerly read by others. Either way, producing your creative work is your passion, and we want to take your stress and hassle away from practical issues. Here we explain exactly how Peecho can help.

neonbrand-381344Where you get stuck

There are many things to think about when selling your creative work; keeping stock which takes up room and costs money, always going to the post office, handling payments and processing, questions from customers. You can spend a lot of time of this which can be frustrating and a hassle.


Peecho does everything for you. No longer will you have to worry about keeping stock, answering questions from customers,  processing the order and payments or excellently packaging your product. We do all of this for you. Sit back, relax, and spend your precious time on what you love; creating your awesome masterpiece.

How do you begin

Make an account with Peecho and upload your work. We support any digital file, but the best and easiest is a PDF. Uploading is easy!

Change your settings

You can set the selling price and the profit per product. It’s up to you to change the settings to whatever suits you best.


Use the print link

Once you have changed all of the settings to suit you, press Publish and you will have a print link which you can do many things with. You can share the link on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), via email and put it on your website. You don’t need a website, but if you do, put the link behind a button, so you can keep your own customised buttons.

Sell your work

When a customer clicks on the link, they go to our checkout. This is where the order takes place and we handle all of the details such as making sure the customer can order your products, delivery address, payment etc. We have a chat function, so if your customer gets stuck, they can contact us and we can help guide them through the process.  All you need to do is upload the work, share the link with people who might want to buy your work, and let Peecho do the rest. How awesome is that?!

Good to know


    • You keep your copyright (we don’t use your work)


    • We don’t change your content


    • We print high quality products


    • Our customer service team are amazing


    • You don’t have to add bleeds, margins or a spine – we will generate those print artefacts for you.


    • We have printers all across the globe


    • Limited editions –  you can set a maximum amount that can be sold. You can easily change this in the settings.


    • Customising the spine – you can customise your spine with us, no problem!


Make an account with Peecho and begin. If you have any questions, you can start a chat with us or email support@peecho.com