Beginner’s guide to selling print products via Peecho

Selling print-on-demand products via Peecho is a great way to share your digital work with fans and customers worldwide. This article will help you navigate the dashboard, create print products, view your orders, and withdraw profit. We’ll work through it all section by section so by the end of the article, you will be ready to set up your store and start selling.

1. Navigating the dashboard: Dashboard homepage, Orders, Publications

2. Creating print products for sale

      2.1. Adding files

      2.2. Setting up your products

      2.3  Selling your prints

3. Additional features: checkout customization, coupons, magazine subscriptions

4. Providing details to withdraw your profit

1. Navigating the dashboard

After creating an account or signing in, you are taken to the dashboard. There are three sections in the head navigation bar at the top of the screen: Dashboard, Orders, and Publications. Each option takes you to a different section of your Peecho account.

Dashboard: your seller’s homepage

The Dashboard homepage displays insights on your account: your accrued profit and your monthly sales, shipped products, revenue and order distribution per country. 

Don’t worry if your dashboard metrics are not available, once you start selling your Dashboard homepage will display statistics on your past orders.

Orders: view past sales

To view the status of each individual order, head to the Orders section. Click on each individual order for additional information, including the client details. 

You can download your order information for the previous 30 days as an Excel file for your records: click on Report. If you wish to generate a report of the orders from a period other than the previous calendar month, please contact

Publications: all your products

The Publications section is where you can see all your print products for sale that you have created. This is also where you can see all your uploaded files, which are safely stored in our system.

Read more about sharing the link to your checkout, or embedding the “Order Print” button on your website, in section 2.3.

2. Creating print products for sale

There are three steps you have to take to start selling: upload your files, set up products, and share and promote your print products. Let’s get started!

2.1. Uploading files

To upload the work you want to sell in print, click on the Upload new publications tab in the navigation bar. 

Once you upload a new publication, you will be taken to a page which displays the publication details and settings (see below). On the left hand side of this page, you see the thumbnail (preview) of your file which will later be displayed to your clients in the checkout. Below the preview photo you will see details about your source file. This information includes file size, number of pages and the dimensions of your file (width and height) that will determine which print products will be offered.

At the bottom on the left hand side are four buttons to help you share the link to the product checkout once you are ready to start selling. With Peecho, you can sell your work without a website: share the checkout link to your followers directly on Facebook (1) or Twitter (2), send an automated message to their emails (3: Promote your publication), or receive a link to share the message yourself (4: Copy print link to clipboard). 

If you want to learn more about preparing your files for printing, follow this link.

2.2. Setting up your products

For each file, you have the option of selling all available products or making a single fixed product available for your customers to order. 

Selling your product in one type and size only

This option is meant for artists and publishers who want to sell a particular file as one predefined product. For example, a magazine publisher might only want to sell their publication as softcover print in medium size only, or a photographer might choose to only sell their photo as a large gallery-quality dibond. 

To add another predefined size and price variation for your product, you have to upload the product again with another type and size variation settings, creating a separate product.

Start creating your fixed product by picking the preferences: product type, color (colored or black & white), and size. You can also add a title to your publication in this window. Click Save.


Next, you have to fill in the price settings for the fixed product in the Set price for fixed product section. The final (fixed) price is created by adding your chosen profit to the wholesale price of the product. Click Save to implement your preferences.

In the example below, the wholesale price for the dibond wall art in size medium is EUR 29,66. If you choose to sell it for EUR 44,00, your profit will be EUR 14,34. You have to fill in either your profit, or the desired total price, and the system will calculate the rest.

Selling your work in all (or most) available products

This is a great option if you want to offer a variety of your product(s) for purchase to your customers: various sizes and various products (for example, your publication both with soft and hard cover, and in various sizes). Our system will evaluate your uploaded files and will only offer  products that match the quality requirements of the file. This ensures that your clients will get the work in the best quality possible.

You can fill in the publication’s title in the window below. Click Save.

Next, to offer your products in all (or most) available combinations, head to Settings -> General settings -> Catalogue page. 

To easily set up and sell multiple products, we have created profit schemes per product category. This means that the same profit margin (for example, 35%) will automatically be added to all your products within that category. If you want to exclude a certain category and not offer that type of products, uncheck the box for the category. These settings are applied to your entire account so if you deselect a product category, you will not be able to sell other publications in this category. Click Save scheme.

Printing the product for yourself

When you have set a profit margin for your clients, your products will always be displayed with that price. To print the product for yourself without paying the profit margin, you may upload the file again, creating a separate product without any added profit. 

2.3. Selling your prints

You can view all your products in the Publications section of the navigation bar.

If you have a website, Peecho offers you an easy way to embed a “order print” button” on your website. To receive code, click on the Sell print button on the page of the your product.

You will see the following pop-up window with the code that can be copy-pasted on your website. The resulting button will lead your customers directly to the checkout of your product.

With Peecho, you can also sell your work without a website: just share the direct link to checkout (Print link) on social media or via email. 

3. Additional features

3.1. Customize your checkout

Peecho’s checkout is customizable so you can add your own look and feel. To change the background image, font, or colour settings for your checkout, head to Settings -> General settings -> Branding.

3.2. Offer magazine subscriptions

Are you a magazine publisher that has new issues on a regular basis? To enable the subscription model for your publication, head to Settings -> General settings -> Subscription.

3.3. Coupons and discounts

You can offer discounts to your clients in the form of coupon codes. To do that, you first have to upload credit to your account. Due to administrative reasons, your profit cannot be used towards covering the difference between the full and the discounted price. You will find the relevant section in the Settings tab.

To learn more about using coupons, follow this link: Boost your Peecho sales with promo codes.

4. Providing details to withdraw your profit

You can withdraw profit from your sales to your bank or Paypal account. To check your accrued profit, head to the Dashboard homepage.

You can withdraw your profit when it reaches €100. To request a withdrawal, you have to provide your name, address, and your Paypal email, or your bank account details. To fill in the details, head to Account settings -> Your account. If some of the requested bank account information (e.g., Fedwire or Clearing code/ Branch code) is not relevant for your banking system, just leave those fields blank.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Peecho account. You are now ready to make your first sale and start making profit. 

If you have additional questions, check out the Help Center or email us at