How to sell on Instagram without a website

In 2022 Instagram is not only a photo and video sharing platform anymore, but it became a powerful platform for e-commerce. 

If you are just starting out with your business and have a limited budget, you don’t need to invest on a website to sell your products. All you need is a free Instagram account where people can buy directly from your photos and videos.

  • The advantages of selling on Instagram
  • How to set up your Instagram shop
  • The best tips to successfully sell POD products on your Instagram
  • How Peecho helps with selling on Instagram without a website

Why should you sell on Instagram?

If you are unsure as to whether selling on Instagram is a good idea for your business, here’s a few reasons that may help you decide:

  • Free: selling on Instagram doesn’t require any investments from you.
  • No website: if your budget is limited and you cannot invest on a website, then you can sell your products on your Instagram shop.
  • Visibility: Instagram has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, which makes it the perfect place to find consumers interested in your product.
  • Engagement rate: your products can easily reach more customers thanks to Instagram’s high engagement rate.
  • Direct sales: people can buy directly from a photo or video.
  • Aesthetics: since Instagram is a visual platform, it’s perfect to share beautiful images of your products to attract customers.

Tips to successfully selling on Instagram without a website

  • Write a killer bio: as you’re limited in the number of characters you can use, write a simple, to-the-point, engaging bio communicating the essence of your brand and containing a call to action statement.
  • Provide your phone number and email address: make it easier for anyone to reach out for questions about your products.
  • Post about your products regularly: a regular posting schedule is necessary to build an audience.
  • Product options: display all your product options (different materials, colors, sizes, etc.) in visually attractive images
  • Share photos and videos your customers have posted with your products
  • Engage with your followers: engagement with your followers is one of the best ways to build your audience and grow your brand
  • Use relevant and popular hashtags
  • Tell customers they can shop on your account: not everyone might know it’s possible to shop directly from your Instagram, so let your audience know that buying your products is quick and easy.

How to start selling prints, art & photography on Instagram via Peecho

With Peecho you don’t need to have a webshop to sell on Instagram. Once you upload your files into your Peecho account, get a link directing your customers to the product’s checkout page, and link it to a picture in your Instagram store.

Here’s how to set up your Instagram store to sell your print products via Peecho:

  1. Create an Instagram business account: as the selling feature on Instagram is only available to business accounts, make sure you have one. Business accounts also give you access to data insights and the possibility to use paid ads to promote your products.

  2. Create a Peecho account: if you don’t already have a Peecho account, create one for free by clicking on  the ‘Sign up / Sign in’ button on the top right of the page.

  3. Upload your file in your Peecho account: you can find more details about how to upload your file in your account and how to set up your catalogue and profit in our article How do I set up my Products Catalogue and Profit?

  4. Get your product’s checkout link: once you’ve uploaded your file and set a selling price, it’s time to copy your product’s checkout link and share it. Not only you can share it on your Instagram shop, but also on your website if you have one, other social media, and email. Our checkout is free to use and allows anyone to submit a print order of your creations with no volume commitment from your side.

  5. Add the link to your Instagram store: once you add a product to your Instagram store, you provide an image, a title, a description, and a link of where the product can be bought. In this case, it would be the Peecho’s checkout link you copied earlier. After a customer buys one of your prints, they’ll receive a first confirmation email containing the purchase details and a second email containing the shipping information.

  6. Check your orders’ statuses and withdraw your profit: your Peecho account allows you to visualize all your orders, check their details, generate reports, and withdraw your profit.

How Peecho helps selling art and photography on Instagram

If you are an artist, a photographer, or a publisher wanting to sell your creative work worldwide, then Peecho is the right option for you.

Check out all the products and services we offer:

  • Premium products: Peecho offers a large variety of premium printed products, such as hardcover and softcover books, magazines, art prints, aluminium dibonds, and many more.

  • Peecho offers a large variety of premium printed products, such as hardcover and softcover books, magazines, art prints, aluminium dibonds, and many more.
  • Full supply chain management: Peecho partners with the best printers across the globe to ensure fast delivery at the lowest cost possible thanks to an order routing system that chooses the printer that is nearest to the recipient.
  • Worldwide delivery: Peecho is able to ship your products directly to your customers all around the world.
  • No inventory: the final product is created only when ordered by your customer, without any volume commitment from your side.
  • Free services: creating a Peecho account is free, just as hosting your files on our platform and using our checkout process. Payment for production and shipping is required only when an order is created.
  • Customer support for you and your clients: our team takes care of all enquiries related to your printed orders.
  • Print ready files: different printing facilities have different requirements when it comes to print specifications, but Peecho makes sure that your file is always processed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about things like bleeds and cut marks.

Read all about print on demand for artists here.

Have you decided to give selling your print-on-demand products on Instagram via Peecho a try? Sign up for a free account or send us an email at

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