Classics Magazine and timeless moods

What is Classics Magazine?

Classics Magazine is a Miami Beach based fine art print and digital magazine featuring artists worldwide, from film and digital mediums with an avant-garde vision.

“Classics Magazine is a place where high visuals, artistic photography and nostalgia combine,” says Daniel, Founder and Curator of Classics Magazine and Special Gallery. He also adds that the magazine is “the ultimate in cinematic storytelling, and showcases the most talented photographers and models who collaborate to create timeless moods.”

What is the story behind Classics Magazine?

“Classics Magazine was born from my love of the Classics from antiquity to cinema and everything in between,” saysDaniel. “My background in Feature Films and Commercials post production played a role. I have an eye for motion pictures and photography that resonate with any audience worldwide regardless of language, religion or nationality.” 

Daniel tells Peecho that the magazine was created due to the popularity of the Instagram page @classicsmagazine: a large volume of high level published artists and photographers consistently sent the page many submissions with great storytelling series.

To the question of what the future holds for Classics, Daniel replied he wishes for more artists and photographers to discover the magazine.

Where can You find Classics Magazine?

Classics is available in digital and print. If you would like to learn more about the magazine, check out the following links:

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